I guess I first discovered the power of computers back in the early 1980s when I first started working and had a job at the Feltex Carpet sales office in Wellington. I was in sales & service, and when retailers would call me I could look up and see in real time what rolls of particular carpet were in stock at the warehouse 5 miles away. 

If I sold one and entered the order, the number of rolls left on my screen would change and that was the same for other people on the company computer network. I thought that was pretty neat, and immensely powerful.

From those young days I've had a go at semi-professional cricket; contract painting and waterblasting; boogie-board and clothing design, manufacture and distribution; cctv and point-of-sale importation, design and installation; and helping friends try and reshape or fix their businesses when asked.

I've always kept learning computers and software and in 2005 I went to London after I got a call from a mate in Brazil who said a friend of his in Portugal was developing a drag'n'drop website builder. I went to Braga for a meeting and helped him form a team around the project.

As is the case with a lot of near-genius people, he was more into theory than practicality and didn't manage to commercialise the product in the end - but it gave me a real insight into web-based software and the whole subscription model. 

I've kept at that ever since and like to think I have enough skill and understanding to be able to help most small businesses with their online marketing in an effective manner, and Riverside Media is the company I'm building around these services.

Anyway, any news about the company or tips I want to share generally get covered in my Blog so if you're interested, please have a read.
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